Tuesday, March 6, 2012

mellow yellow

Just in case you haven't seen enough babies or cardigans round these parts (ha!) here's a few snaps of Dulcie in some amazing hand-knits from this weekend.  This hat and cardigan were a present from my friend Bernadette.  After years of failed attempts at learning to knit (she's left-handed - that's her excuse and she's sticking to it!) she thought outside the box and commissioned a knitty friend to make these instead.
How gorgeous? (No, I don't mean me!)  I especially love the hat, which makes Dulcie look like a little wartime baby.
And here is the obligatory crying in hand-knitting shot, but she's worn this hat and cardigan four days in a row without being sick on them (miracle!) so I can tell she loves them really.

Dulcie had her second round of immunisations today.  She was doing her best smile as the needles went in, poor thing.  Much red-faced screaming followed.  She has been curled up in a little ball asleep on my chest ever since we got home.  Bless her.

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