Friday, June 1, 2012

family resemblance

 Dulcie still hasn't met her French cousins, but already the family ties are strong, apparently.  Here she is with a baby photo of her eldest cousin from my side of the family, Kim (who'll be turning seven this summer) and the resemblance is uncanny, wouldn't you say?
We obviously have a genetic predisposition for high-waisted red tights on my side of the family!

Isn't Dulcie's mini quilt lovely?  It's handmade and was a present from a mysterious benefactor.  All the babies in neonatal intensive care were given one as a welcome-to-the-world present.  The neonatal wards were awash with handmade donations.  The babies all slept under beautiful hand-knitted blankets and each got one to keep on Christmas Day.  I'm hoping I can muster some craft skills and spare time to make something for the neonatal ward one day as those little touches really made a big difference to me during the difficult days of Dulcie's hospitalisation.  Maybe they'd like some mini bunting for all the cots and incubators!

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