Saturday, June 9, 2012

last weekend

 The hormones I was blaming for my lack of charity shop purchases over the last year are obviously waning as I went a bit mad last weekend and bought, among other things, 18 Storyteller tapes!  My sister and I used to love Storyteller but were forced to give away all our tapes except the Christmas special, which I still like to listen to on Christmas Eve.  My plan is to transfer all the stories onto CD so they are a bit less cumbersome and so that I can make copies to send to my sister's children too.  I was hoping Graham might do this for me, but when he saw my arms groaning under such a huge pile of cassettes the first thing he said was, "By the way, I'm not transferring them onto CD for you."  Fair enough, I suppose, and he has promised to show me how to do it, at least.  I just hope I manage to get it done before Dulcie starts school!  Every time I look at the carrier bag full of tapes I feel a bit sick that I didn't resist.  Oh well, once the transferring job is done it will all be worth it and I can always re-donate the actual tapes.  Dulcie did pretty well and got a couple of books as well as the adorable cardigan in the picture above.
 Graham must have been reading the blog post where I complained that Dulcie and I were never photographed together (the power of blogging!) because he took all these photos in one day.
 Here we are during a coffee break at Tramway where we met my friend Kristy and her little boy, Duncan.  It's not very easy to catch up when one of you has a baby and the other has a toddler.  We definitely had the easier end of the deal - at least Dulcie can't run away yet!
The day's charity shopping left Dulcie (and us!) feeling quite exhausted, as you can see.

Does anyone else remember Storyteller?

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