Saturday, June 30, 2012


This picture was too funny not to share, even though it does paint me in a terrible light.  Every time I kissed Dulcie's cheek, she would smile like a crazy baby, but as soon as I got the camera out to capture it, she got distracted by the technology and came over all serious and studious, making me look like the world's worst (s)mother.  I don't know how she puts up with me!  Gah, she is so cute these days.  Teething is awful, but the rosy cheeks do look adorable.
Excuse my bedhead, but do you see that little short bit in my hair on the right hand side of my forehead there?  I have a mysterious fringe (or hairy horns) growing in and I have seen the same thing on a couple of other mums so it must be a pregnancy/hormone thing.  I am hoping this means an end to post-baby baldness.  Hooray!

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