Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Yesterday we made the most of a break in the rain to go along to the Mela in Kelvingrove Park (via a charity shop, but more on that another day...) to see what was happening.  Turns out there were lots of exciting costumes, smells, sounds, sights and entertainments.  Dulcie enjoyed it too, when she finally woke up!  Excuse the glare of these and other recent photos, by the way.  I think something happened to my camera settings, but hopefully I have fixed it now.
 The best thing we saw, I think, were these dancers.
 Just look at this scary costume - claws and everything!

Today was a bit more low key.  I think I mentioned Dulcie is teething?  Well, she was up and crying from 5am and had already been up for a feed before that after going to bed fairly late, so today we were all very tired.  Graham went to visit his stookied mother so I was left on my tod with the grumpy girl and we had a pretty quiet time.  Well, quiet in one sense of the word, but very noisy in other ways!  Waaaah!
 We went for a wee walk to the park and the supermarket, the only event of the day, to see if Dulcie would sleep in the pram (she did) and I cheekily snapped these photos of our neighbours' window as I was leaving.  The little girl who occupies this bedroom had arranged all her soft toys on the windowsill, but look a little closer and.... of the toys was real!  Bo (Beau?) the lovely ginger kitten was having the world's comfiest snooze amongst them.  By the time we came back, only his tummy and back legs were visible.  Too cute.  Actually, that really is too cute, isn't it, for a grown woman to blog about?  But I'm sure someone reading this will be enjoying it as much as I did!

Tonight I reached a milestone achievement and gave myself a big pat on the back.  Since Dulcie arrived on the scene, I find it nigh on impossible to make dinner because her mood disintegrates rapidly from around 4pm and she becomes more and more needy and grumpy from then until bedtime.  This means Graham very nearly always has to make dinner for us both when he gets in from work.  I know it's not like I haven't been working hard all day too, but I do want him to feel appreciated and I want to get some non-baby things shoehorned back into my days (everyday chores seem like such a novelty to me now!) so I set myself the challenge of making dinner for us every day for a week.  Tonight was dinner number seven in a row (vegetable pie and roast potatoes no less - proper Sunday fare!) so I think I have broken the curse and will be able to fulfill my share of the culinary duties from now on.  I quite enjoyed feeling so normal and useful this week so I think I will try to keep it up a few days longer.  Hopefully Dulcie will get better at entertaining herself while I cook the more we do it.  And if she gives up the screaming tomorrow, I will also set myself the task of photographing yesterday's mother lode of charity shop hauls. Intrigued?  You should be!


  1. that cat is the cutest. i meant to say on one of your earlier posts that i really do enjoy reading how your getting on. i look forward to your blog coming up on the reader and i'll always think of you as the lady who helped me to come up with the Human Beans!

    1. Aw, thanks :) I'm so relieved someone commented on the kitten too! I was starting to feel rather exposed here...


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