Tuesday, November 27, 2012

happy face

Looking back through photos from recent weeks, it's hard to find a picture where Dulcie doesn't have an extra-large cheesy grin on her gorgeous wee face.  I guess that means we must be doing something right as parents.  Hurrah!  Here she is enjoying lunch in Kember and Jones (mmmmm!) with me and my mum.  She had a packed lunch of sweetcorn fritters and made friends with everyone on the surrounding tables (it's amazing how far a smile can get you in life!) while my mum and I caught up and enjoyed the delicious food.
And here she is having just eaten a pot of yoghurt with her bare hands - oh, the joy!  She does do things other than eat, but I guess meal times are one of the few times I have my hands free to take photos.
This was Dulcie's first outing in the super-cosy foot muff for her pram.  It's basically a giant, fuzzy sleeping bag and she loved it, hence this smile, which she had on her face almost constantly until she eventually dozed off for a snug afternoon snooze.
As you can see, Dulcie brings out the best in me too.  No matter how rubbish everything else is (you're probably picking up on the fact that things are pretty rubbish at the moment) I can't help but be happy around our wee smiling faced Dulcie.

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