Sunday, November 25, 2012

upgrade of the century

Something major happened this week.  My battered and very old pay-as-you-go phone (which lost its screen when I dropped it down the stairs a couple of months ago) finally gave up the ghost and D-I-E-D died.  This forced me to bite the bullet and dive headfirst into the mysterious (to me) world of modern phones, something I hadn't so much as dipped my toe into for the best part of a decade.  Ch-ch-ch-check it out!  I got me a smartphone!  And, yes, that is the ripple blanket I have as my wallpaper.  Squee!  That alone is enough to make me a smartphone convert.

I have had a few teething problems, the main one being that I discovered I had been saving numbers to my phone rather than my SIM card for the last six years or so, so when my phone died I lost pretty much every number that I ever actually use.  Bummer.  But last night my old phone miraculously came back to "life" (i.e. switched itself on and did nothing) long enough for me to scribble down all the missing numbers.  Phew!  So now you know if you never hear from me that it's just because I'm ignoring you ;)

I'm hoping to find time to crochet a wee cover for my new phone this week and I'm thinking it could be the perfect use for this button.  Yay!

Now, if only someone would phone me...

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