Saturday, November 24, 2012

it's (nearly) chri-i-i-i-i-istmas!

 Last week I felt like Christmas was still ages away.  This week I feel like I've left it all too late and may have to cancel Christmas altogether.  I'll do my best to catch up and get in the Christmas spirit though.  My mum brought me a copy of the free Tesco magazine this week because of the wreath above, which she thought I might like.  It is nice, I think.  There are instructions on how to make it, but I reckon you could work it out for yourself.  (Put ribbon on bobbins, make wire circle, put bobbins on wire, attach ribbon, hang.  You knew that already, didn't you?)
In an attempt to get in the mood, I made this seasonal treasury on etsy.  All the items are related to classic festive television.  Of course, thinking of 16 classic festive films/programmes and finding items that could represent them was not as easy as I had anticipated and had me scratching my head for a long while yesterday.  I even had to include my own EastEnders cards (bad, bad me!) to fill the final space.  Talking of my EastEnders cards, I sold quite a lot of them in my etsy shop this week.  That would have been exciting enough in its own right, but it turned out that the lady who bought them works on EastEnders (jealous, me?!) and intends to give the cards to some of her colleagues, so my cards are actually going to be delivered to Albert Square!  This pretty much made my week :)

p.s. I'm already running low on individual Ethel cards (just three left!) so if you wanted an Ethel I would act fast to avoid disappointment.

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