Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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I don't think I really blog much about lurve, do I?  But today marks the ninth anniversary of my first date with Graham.  He took me to see his ex-girlfriend's band.  Smooth...  Well, it worked - nine years and one baby later we're doing pretty well.  Last year I spent our anniversary having a miserable day still in hospital, fasting (noooo!) and having an angiogram (double noooo!) where my veins spasmed and the tube got painfully stuck halfway up my arm on its way to my heart (triple noooo!).  Still, I did get to watch my coronary arteries doing their thing on a big TV screen in real time.  I suppose watching your own heart could be viewed as romantic...?  Anyway, since year eight was such a crappy day, we've decided to make year nine a good one and are leaving Dulcie at home with her grandparents tonight and heading out for a meal AND a cinema trip.  Wow.  This will be the first cinema trip sans Dulcie since she arrived.  I'm so excited that I just booked my annual haircut a couple of months early for this afternoon!

Over the last year of scary heart nastiness, Graham has really proved his salt and cut the mustard (can't think of any more condiment-related compliments) and continues to be my very handsome rock and entertainer in times of woe.  He twiddles his thumbs in hospital canteens while I lie in MRI scanners (that's our less romantic plan for tomorrow unfortunately) and even asks my consultant all the questions I'm too scared to.  I'm very lucky to have him.  I will do my best to be the model girlfriend on our date tonight.

And I think that is about as soppy as I can (un)comfortably get in a blog post.


  1. Many congratulations on nine years! Enjoy your childless evening (very jealous!) x

    1. Thanks :) It was great although I was kind of itching to get back to her from about 30 minutes into the film! She was still up and waiting for us when we got home just before midnight, bless her.


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