Saturday, April 4, 2015


Drinking is a slippery slope.  Having not been drunk in over four years, one booze sesh has left me feeling the need to quaff a cocktail on the way home from the supermarket!  Goodness, the west end of Glasgow is a haven of fun opportunities when you don't have a child to factor in to the equation.  But, you know me really, even with baby-sitters, I was happy to stop at one and head home for a quiet evening in the house.  Couldn't have Friday night without Gogglebox, now, could I?
P.S. This dress was a wee £3 bargain from the Salvation Army.  I wasn't entirely sure about it, but it draws as many compliments as it does looks of horror and Dulcie LOVES it - she asks me to wear it, tells me how lovely it is when I do, and says she wishes she had one like it.  I've promised to give it to her as soon as she's big enough to wear it :)

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