Tuesday, April 21, 2015

what we did on our easter "holiday"

 This Easter was rather low-key as I was working the whole weekend.  Graham and Dulcie went to visit Graham's parents on the Sunday, and squeezed in a trip to Erskine beach while they were there.
 Dulcie had a great time, as you can see, and so did Graham.  We're still finding sand in Dulcie's boots, even now.
 Meanwhile, I spent my Easter weekend with...
..this lady!  It's Aughra from The Dark Crystal.  I spent a fair proportion of Easter weekend subtitling this film.  Let me tell you, there are worse ways to earn a living!  The Dark Crystal was the first film I ever saw at the cinema (when I was probably about Dulcie's age) and whenever the film is mentioned, my mum always casts up the fact that, when Aughra first appeared on screen, I said, "Mum, that lady looks like you!"  Oh, my poor mother...  I think it was probably the hair.  Head hair, not facial hair.  Ha!
 I wasn't entirely un-Easterish, though.  Dulcie and I drove through to visit my mum and dad on Good Friday and they'd prepared an egg hunt in the garden, complete with a book of clues and everything.
 Dulcie had a great time.  And plenty of chocolate.
And I'm sorry, but how ridiculously cute and cutely ridiculous is that hat?!  Dulcie found it in a charity shop and it didn't take much persuasion for me to part with my 75p!  She's not always in a hat-wearing mood, but I like to make the most of it when she is :)

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