Tuesday, April 28, 2015

make it quick, make it slow

 Dulcie has been at my mum and dad's this morning and, in a bid to make sure today was better than yesterday, I decided to do some making in my new craft corner.  First of all I made these mix-and-match fridge magnets for Dulcie using a heads and tails game I found in a charity shop and some magnetic tape, also found in a charity shop!  I'd been planning to make these for many moons, but seeing a similar project in Jane Foster's new book spurred me into action at last.  They were so quick and satisfying and are really cute.  I hope Dulcie likes them.
 Once I'd warmed up with that little activity, I embarked on the first of my Craftathon 2015 crafts.  Yeah, remember Craftathon 2015?!  I might be slow off the mark, but I'm making a start at last and tackling bead weaving.  Bead weaving?  Beading?  Loom beading?  I don't know what you call it, but making things with beads and threads on a loomy type thing.
This make is SLOW!  And very fiddly and a little bit frustrating.  Plus I have no confidence that it will work because the black beads are much smaller than all the other colours for some reason (annoying) and I expect that will make it go wonky.  Ah well, I'm giving it a bash anyway, though I have a feeling this might take most of 2015 to complete and will it be worth it?  Probably not.

Can you tell what it is yet?  I know one person who might be able to guess.

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