Tuesday, April 14, 2015

taking stock

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 I've been feeling a bit better lately (I'm crediting my new fitness regime) but have had a blip today and am feeling really quite ill.  Fortunately, my mum is on hand to take care of Dulcie so I'm having a low-energy day at home on my own.  I can't say I'm really enjoying it (I'm so frustrated!) but it could certainly be worse.  I thought I'd try my hand at one of Pip's Taking Stock lists so that I might feel my time sitting around had been something slightly closer to productive.  Here goes...

Making : a big warm dent in the couch

Cooking : red beans with coconut and cashews (a household favourite from this book) if I can summon the energy

Drinking :  Green tea at work, fizzy water with pink grapefruit squash at home (and prosecco on Friday nights, naturally)

Wanting: to do all the jobs I had planned for today

Looking: for the perfect mid-century sideboard

Playing: Crazy Chefs with Dulcie

Deciding: to take it easy today

Wishing: for more hours in the day and the energy to put them to better use

Enjoying:  the sense of achievement driving (even with its disasters) and swimming (even though it is at snails' pace) are bringing me

Waiting: for Dulcie to come back from my mum's house

Liking: the fact that Barry Manilow has been married to a man for ages

Wondering: if I'll fit into my wedding dress by August

Loving: Dulcie's freckles

Considering: whether or not to do anything for my forthcoming birthday

Buying: a very expensive vintage shelving unit from eBay. Gulp!  (See photo at top of post)

Watching: today, Come Dine With Me, but generally Wolf Hall and Toast Of London and Inside Number 9

Hoping: to feel better tomorrow

Marvelling: at modern medicine

Cringing: at my driving mistakes (and also at tiny socially awkward moments from 1985 to the present day for some reason)

Needing: to order a repeat prescription

Questioning: my friend about the contents of her Ugandan lunch (cabbage, matooke, groundnut sauce and rice)

Smelling: shampoo and soap (fresh out of the shower)

Wearing: comfy clothes that I wouldn't be seen wearing in public

Following: a trail of plastic dinosaurs and Moshis around the house

Noticing: how much easier it is to fill these things in when you're not so depressed

Knowing: I've spent too much time on the computer today

Thinking: of taking Dulcie to France for a long weekend and then organising and booking it immediately! Exciting!

Admiring: my super-strong legs

Sorting: my new craft corner

Getting: fitter

Bookmarking: does Pinterest count?  If so, food, decor and crafts I'll probably never get round to doing

Coveting: babies/other people's lives/good health

Disliking: feeling rubbish when I'm doing everything I can to feel better

Opening: a lovely parcel from Jane Foster

Giggling: more than before

Feeling: very ill today, but generally better...and also quite pleased with myself :)

Snacking: less

Wishing: this category didn't appear twice

Helping: Dulcie work out what day it is and walk along walls

Hearing: the washing machine going round and round

(This Taking Stock list is from Meet Me At Mikes.  You can copy and paste a blank one from there if you fancy joining in.)


  1. Sorry you're not feeling top notch today. I want the recipe for red beans with coconut and cashews when you have a minute, please! Sounds delish!


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