Monday, April 27, 2015


Grrr!  I hate getting outbid on eBay.  This vintage pegboard was intended to play a part in our wedding but I was gazumped at the last second.  I kind of had my heart set on it, but it sold for more than I would have paid and even the (surprisingly expensive) new versions still look pretty retro, so I guess we could get a new one.  That's some consolation, but bah!  And all this in the week I realised I will never fit in my intended wedding dress, a beautiful '50s number in need of some TLC.  Let's call the whole thing off!

You may wonder what part a vintage pegboard would play in a wedding, so I guess now might be as good a time as any to start sharing some details of our nuptials.  We are tying the knot in Jaconelli's cafe, where we've been going since pretty much day one of our relationship.  It's special to us because of that, but is also special for the fact that it's a beautiful old-school cafe that's barely changed since the 1960s.  And their cooked breakfasts/coffee/ice cream are pretty special too!  We always joked we'd get married there if we ever tied the knot, but when we stared thinking about venues, we both felt that really would be the dream one for us.  We weren't sure how the owner would feel about the idea but he literally could not have been happier and has been so enthusiastic and accommodating already, which has added to our own excitement and happiness.  Jaconelli's won't hold many guests, but we are planning to invite plenty of friends to join us at our flat afterwards.  Yes, our flat.  I still can't decide whether we're geniuses or maniacs...  So most of our wedding planning so far (other than booking the registrar, buying a dress that doesn't fit and spending too much time on Pinterest) has involved working on the flat, trying to make it fit for visitors by August.

I think that's enough wedding chat for today, yes?  But do let me know if you happen to have an old pegboard that you're looking to get rid of.  Thanks :)

P.S. Look here for a photo of Baby Dulcie of the past in our future wedding venue!

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