Monday, May 11, 2015

35 and still alive...just!

 It was my birthday this weekend.  Graham took Dulcie and I to Callander for a quiet day of charity shopping and a night in a B&B.  Clearly, this was too rock-and-roll for my 35-year-old self because I ended up being admitted to hospital with worrying heart-attack-type symptoms.
 Well, the good news is that I wasn't having a heart attack, but it turns out my kidneys were buggered thanks to my medication cocktail.  Hopefully that's why I've been feeling so ill for the last month and hopefully they'll be able to sort things out with some tweaks to my medication.  Watch this space...?
So I managed to ruin my birthday weekend for all concerned, but it wasn't all bad.  Dulcie had a great time at the hospital, being allowed to use a real stethoscope to listen to my heart etc.  She now claims she wants to be a doctor.  Also, I got a single room (en suite too - no commode embarrassment for the birthday girl!) with a view to rival the hills we could see from our B&B window.  And I had a telly to watch and the Baftas were on!  Score!
Then Graham delivered my book to me, so I got a nice chunk of reading time.  And I'm home now.  Hooray!  It doesn't look like I'll be back at work for a while and now I have the fun task of trying to find a balance of medication that helps my heart as much as possible without destroying my kidneys and making me feel too ill to have a life.  I guess that's nothing new really, just a bit of a backwards step in the ongoing juggling act.  I'm looking forward to feeling better, touch wood.

Oh yeah, and no swimming to report, obviously.  I'm dreading working out how far behind I am.  I might cut myself some slack and extend the deadline if I have to, we'll see.


  1. Hope you are feeling better - what a way to spend your birthday..!

    Looks like we're reading the same book (unless you've finished it already). I'm up to about page 175, but generally only read a few pages before bed, so it will take me a while, I think. Do you like it?

  2. Thanks, Hilde :) Dulcie stayed over at my mum's last night and I slept for 11 hours, so am feeling pretty good today, all things considered!

    I'm about halfway through The Paying Guests and really enjoying it. Sarah Waters can do no wrong in my eyes, though - she's just so good. I keep thinking I'll get bored of her historical-lesbian lit one of these days, but not so far. Hope you enjoy it too, especially since it sounds like you'll be reading it until Christmas! x


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