Monday, May 18, 2015

swim sundays #17, #18, #19

Lengths swum these last three weeks: 0 (I've been ill! I've got a note!)
Target total this week: 1034
Total lengths swum: 876 (158 behind target)

I'd need to swim 212 lengths this week to meet next week's target...and I think we can all agree that ain't happening!  Time for a rethink. I'd really like to complete the challenge on time if I can and, while I accept that might not be doable, I'm not ready to give up yet.  So my plan is to divide the total number of lengths left to do equally among the six weeks that remain, which means I'd have to swim an average of 80/81 lengths each week.  This is a lot of swimming, but not impossible if I don't have any more major health setbacks.  I can but try!  Plus I have two spare days to play with at the end of June too.  I think I may need them.  Gulp!

So, new targets in mind:

I'd need to swim 81 lengths this week to meet next week's new target of 957 lengths.

Wish me luck...

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