Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blog rust is not a good thing

I'm still in the process of the great clear out and clean up.  Progress is being made but it hasn't given me much to blog about.  I did make something nice this week but it is a birthday gift for a certain someone and I don't want to risk them (well, their mother) stumbling across it and spoiling the surprise so I can't blog about that yet.  I don't want to lose the blogging momentum I've been building up so I decided to revisit some things I made in the past and share a fabulous pattern with my hugely wide readership.  A-hem...

Now, I told you I love the pointy kitty pattern.  I'm not sure I really explained quite how much I love it.  I reeeeeeally love that pattern.  But if there is a pattern that could rival my love for the pointy kitty, it would have to be Futuregirl's octopus stuffie pattern.  The downloadable pattern is so cute, they are very satisfying to make and they turn out beautifully every time.  What more could you want?  I have made lots of these octopi.  A little puzzle for you: I have sewed on 432 sequin suckers, so how many octopi have I made?   
I made these three while on a family holiday in Islay this April.  My niece loved them and kept putting them on the windowsill so they could see the sea.  I used them in my sunken pirate ship classroom display.

These two octopi were made as a wedding gift for Rachel (who also got the latest pointy kitty - lucky girl!) and I was almost too delighted with them.  They looked so sweet in their wedding outfits.  My heart nearly broke when I handed them over at the post office... 

Well, I blogged!  I'm being abandoned for a few days this week and am hoping for a mega productive energy burst which should give me lots of new things to blog about next time.


  1. dear sweet holy baby jesus! that octopi bride and groom is quite the most amazing thing!

  2. Hee hee! Thanks! And I'm sure the octopi would be pleased that the obvious spiritual purity of their love has inspired such a religious outburst...


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