Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last night I made a pointy kitty as a birthday gift for my (pen/school) friend, Rachel.  The present might just get to her in time for her birthday if I keep this brief and go and make a birthday card quick stylee...  There are more (and better) pictures of this pointy kitty on my flickr.  You will also find some of the other pointy kitties I have made there.

Here, pointy kitty is showing Lola something exciting outside:

I think it was something only cats can see because I couldn't see anything but the cat across the road was looking out his window too...

Here is Poppy trying to persuade pointy kitty to become part of the cats' conspiracy:

Don't do it, pointy kitty!

You can get the pattern to make your very own pointy kitties for FREE right here at Wee Wonderfuls.  I love this pattern and they are pretty easy to make.  They are also just about the cutest thing ever in real life.  I always forget quite how cute they are until I make one again, then I always promise to make myself one but never get round to it.  They are so hard to part with...  Maybe that's why I'm delaying making the birthday card and putting this beauty in the post.

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