Monday, July 14, 2008

Still here but slightly bedazzled

Below is an artist's impression of what I have been looking at for the last three days:

I have been painting 'my' room/the cats' room white (with kind help from Graham) and was disappointed to discover it took three coats and three days, not one coat and a couple of hours as I optimistically predicted.  I THINK it is done now but will inspect it in broad daylight tomorrow.  We saved the last few teaspoonfuls of paint for any touching up that is revealed by the sun.  I think it was a good decision though.  The room looks lovely, bright and fresh and I think the white will make a great backdrop for the many millions of little things I want to put on the walls and shelves.  Painting second and third coats of white paint does tend to dazzle you, though, and I might have lost my sanity if it had taken a fourth coat.  We plan to spend the day charity shopping again tomorrow, making the most of the holidays that are fast slipping away.  Maybe I will find some lovely things to put in my new white room...

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