Thursday, January 23, 2014


We're still fighting a losing battle to get Dulcie out of our bed, but sharing with her is not all bad, you know.  I am seriously sleep-deprived, but I do get to wake up to this face every day and her bed-head can be most entertaining :)

Our latest plan is to replace Dulcie's (mostly unused) cot bed with a big-girl single bed of her own in the hope I can lie in it with her to get her off to sleep then make a sneaky escape to my own bed and just hope she stays sleeping for as long as possible.  That's the short-term aim, I should add.  I still dream of a time when we can tuck her in, switch off the light and walk out of the room while she's still awake.  Oh yeah, and in this dream she'll have her own bedroom with a carpet and a working radiator and no damp patches.  (Work on the flat progresses s-l-o-w-l-y...)

Dulcie and I have been chatting about the potential bed and I've been bigging up the idea of how grown-up she'll be and how she can have real covers and get tucked in and be such a big girl.  These suggestions were being met with a stony-faced "NO" for a while but she's starting to come round, I think, and now claims she likes the idea.  I had wanted to make her a quilt cover from vintage florals etc, but I'm thinking a certain cartoon pig might sweeten the deal yet further for her.  It's not the style I'd hoped for, but I'll do whatever it takes to reclaim the night!


  1. We let Tara pick her own covers when she moved into her big girl bed and she loved it (but she had been sleeping in her own room since she was 3 days old!) She also opted to sleep in her wellies that first night which we allowed! Good luck.

    1. Thanks :) I wonder if I'm eligible for some kind of special prize for world's most disorganised parent? She's two years past even her due date (let alone her actual birthday) and the nursery is still utterly non-existent. Bad me.


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