Thursday, January 30, 2014

televisual pleasures

We still don't get as much guaranteed evening time as we'd like and so don't watch nearly as many films as we used to, but lately I have been really enjoying some television.  Toast Of London was only aired a couple of months ago, I think, and we've already watched the whole series twice (thanks to our swanky new TV recording box) and I'd quite happily watch it all again right now.  I haven't really heard too many people talking about it, which surprised me because I found it absolutely hilarious.  I'm not sure how I'd describe it...  Bizarre, surreal, hilarious.  Oh, I already said hilarious...  I think if you liked Reeves and Mortimer in the '90s then you should love this.  Matt Berry is very Berry in it, but with a tad more seriousness/acting than usual, which I really liked.  Not that "seriousness" seems an appropriate word.  God, I'm an awful television reviewer!  I think what I mean is that the characters are absolutely stereotypes and cardboard cut-outs that are way too over-the-top to be believed, but they are a bit more empathy-inducing than you might expect from Matt Berry?  I'll stop now, just take from this that it's really funny.  This clip shows protagonist Steven Toast and his archenemy, Ray Purchase, performing the dubbed voiceovers for some pornography.  The solo kissing makes me laugh out loud every time I watch this.  Ray Purchase is almost too funny.

Another show we've been watching, talking of Vic and Bob and Matt Berry, is House Of Fools.  I'm still in two minds about the series because some of it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and like Vic and Bob have maybe lost it a bit, but every episode (especially episode two with the noisy floor in the pie shop) has made me laugh out loud, which, as Graham pointed out, is more than can be said for a lot of so-called comedy shows.  I think what I don't like is the slightly pantomime atmosphere because of the live audience, but I'm still looking forward to every episode, finding it hilarious in parts and enjoying all the surreal and animated sections.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what Babylon is going to be like in the coming weeks.  I think it could be quite entertaining and has good credentials - Danny Boyle plus the makers of Peep Show/Fresh Meat, another two comedies I've really enjoyed.

Have you been watching anything good lately?  Got any top recommendations?  I can't handle anything too emotional (nothing about pregnancy, babies, health or death, please!) but am pretty open-minded otherwise.  It doesn't have to be comedy either, though if you can recommend something else to make me laugh, that's all the better.


  1. Inside Number 9 is a new comedy that starts on BBC (2 I think) on Wednesday and it's meant to be funny. I'm watching it anyway :)

    1. I was starting to think that either a) there was no good telly, or b) I was the only one still watching telly in this newfangled age.

      I haven't heard of Inside Number 9, but I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation :)


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