Tuesday, January 21, 2014

been sewing

 Yesterday was my once-every-four-weeks day off with no Dulcie to look after.  This dress had long been on my mind, so I decided to treat myself to a morning of making and count it as a job from the long-term to-do list.  I bought the fabric in May and cut the pieces out in September, so it seemed like the right time to start sewing!  Ha!  Once I got going, it really didn't take that long and, like every sewing project so far, it turned out imperfect but passable and was probably saved by the loveliness of the fabric I used.  With or without imperfections, it's still really satisfying to sew an item of clothing, especially since it's an activity I was intimidated by for so long.  Now I just need to progress to clothes for myself, but I get the feeling imperfections will be more of a problem then, so I'm kind of wary.  I'd still love to wear a dress I made myself though.  Certainly worth a try!  I even have a couple of patterns (one modern, one vintage) to try.  All I need now is time and a touch of bravery.

Anyway, back to the dress I HAVE made.  Here's one of the buttons, found in a charity shop before I ever planned to make this.  I'm glad to have been able to use these buttons on something.  Much better to see them here than not see them in the button jar.

This dress was made using the same pattern as the bee romper suit and, like that, it's kind of on the wide and short side (I lengthened it by a couple of inches this time) but I think that should work well.  I'm hoping it will be one of those dresses that metamorphosises into a top as Dulcie grows.  Hopefully she'll be wearing it through a fair few seasons.  It is actually a little on the large side at the moment overall, but that's all right.

I'll try to get a photo of Dulcie modelling this soon.  She's been wearing it today and looking good!

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