Monday, January 6, 2014

hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world...

 Sorry, but she is, the most beautiful girl in the world, I mean.  Graham took this picture and sent it to me while I was at work yesterday and I have kept it close at hand ever since, gazing at it all gooey eyed in moments of boredom/despondency.  My feelings for Dulcie are like the world's longest-lasting teenage crush at times and that has got to be good, no?  Honestly, sometimes I just want to lick her face all over.  I do resist, but I allow myself the indulgence of breathing in as she breathes out, snuffling the back of her neck, as well as cuddling her whenever the opportunity presents itself, of course.  Mmmm!

Dulcie likes to put this hat on by herself (one of her many little forays into the world of independence) so she usually ends up with one ear sticking out, or both eyes covered, but I reckon it's a good look like this, sort of beret-esque.
And check out this artist's muse recline!  There's something of the Great Gatsby about her in these pictures, I think, though how she pulls that off in a snow suit, pink wellies and a chunky-crochet hat is beyond me.  She obviously gets her style genes from the paternal side of the family. 

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