Friday, January 3, 2014

last crochet reveal... for now!

I think this is, finally, the last of my pre-Christmas crochet that I have to share.  This robot is the same as the previous robot I made, but in different (unphotographable!) colours.
This one was made for my youngest niece Elsie.  None of my other nieces and nephews got handmade presents from me this year, but they have all had lots of handmade presents over the years and I didn't want wee Elsie to miss out on that just because she was born a few years later (and at the same time as Dulcie).
Dulcie was quite keen to hold onto this one too.  Perhaps I'll crochet a wee robot for her at some point?

The pattern for the robot came from this book.  I wonder what I'll crochet in 2014...  I think I'll make a start on next year's Christmas crochet sooner rather than later!

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