Sunday, January 12, 2014

play dough

Dulcie got some play dough and play dough accoutrements for Christmas.  As well as a big tub of rollers and stampers and cutters and squeezers from her grandparents, she got these Play Dough funny faces (from Polar Bear, Santa's slightly curmudgeonly companion who always gave us a game or similar to share when we were wee - what, he didn't visit you?!) all of which has been a big hit.
These faces were a collaborative effort.  Dulcie is responsible for the fact the the blue one looks like he is flipping a very rude hand gesture, it's actually two eyes on a stalk that she stuck in upside down.
This guy was my favourite, with his walrus-esque moustache made with the "extruder".  I can't believe that's what those squidger things are called.  I love them!  It's so satisfying to push the plunger and see wiggly worms or star shapes coming out the other end.  I don't remember having play dough when I was a child.  We had plasticine, which smells amazing, but is not quite so pliable and certainly wouldn't have gone through an extruder.  No wonder I'm so excited this time around!  It's really good fun/satisfying/therapeutic to make (and destroy) things with no goal or purpose in mind.  I can't imagine I'd be spending my afternoons making play dough creations if I didn't have Dulcie, but I'd certainly recommend it to all grown-ups, with or without children.

I do try to let Dulcie have creative freedom, but I am enjoying the colours in their lovely, clean separateness at the moment.  We do combine colours sometimes, but I try to encourage her to press them together lightly so they can be taken apart again later and staored safely in their individual containers.  I know it won't last for ever, but I'm enjoying it while it does!

This funny face set is really recommended for slightly older children because it has lots of tiny, plastic pieces, but if your younger toddler is OK about not swallowing things they shouldn't, then it's actually a really good set for them, I think.  You don't need great moulding skills to get instant results - just shove some eyes and hands and noses in a big blob of dough and you've got a creation.  I really want to get this garden set, but I don't think Dulcie needs it just yet.  (Just how much play dough does any one girl need?)  Maybe I'll request it for my own birthday later in the year, or just treat myself to it.  Less than the cost of a bottle of wine and so much more fun... especially since I have vaguely given up the booze! :)


  1. Hi Laura,

    Elsie requests one of these for her birthday please!

    1. That's handy. Just yesterday I was pondering what to get her and getting nowhere. Her wish is my command!


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