Sunday, January 19, 2014

knobbly-bobbly sticks of candy-coloured wonder

I came across these ten-second love notes by Origami Spirit via How About Orange yesterday.  They are so great!  They are really cute and colourful and I tried one while sitting at my desk (it's good for concentration to take regular mini breaks - a-hem!) and can confirm they really do take ten seconds to make.  Mine turned out looking just like the examples (except made from the torn-out page of a lined notebook) and I am NO GOOD AT ORIGAMI.  The idea is that you write notes inside these, which are only revealed once the stick is unfurled and then they can't be refolded.  I'm sure there is a genius idea of how to use these, though I haven't quite identified it yet.  Plenty of romantic options, obviously, but I like the idea of having them as reward sticks.  You could keep them in a jar and then when your child (or pupil - when will I stop thinking like a teacher?!) does something great, they can choose a stick at random and unroll it to discover what their reward is.  I hope I remember this by the time Dulcie is old enough to appreciate such things!  I need to think of a more immediate use though as I really want to make a batch of these this week.  Hmmm...

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