Friday, May 30, 2014

diagnosis book choice (not as catchy as diagnosis murder)

So, I opted for the slender Muriel Spark over the hefty Luminaries, but now I'm finished this and back to being between books, free to start The Luminaries whenever I like.  But it's actually going to necessitate finding a different work bag!  Excuses, excuses...  The sad thing is I really want to read it and think I will like it a lot, but it's such a thought.  It might take me months to finish and I'll have to carry it to and from work for all that time...  Maybe now I'm starting to understand why people get Kindles!  But I just don't think seeing progress through a fat book as a numerical percentage (rather than a visual chunk of pages read) would be nearly so satisfying.  I think I will read The Luminaries next after all.  I can do it!

Honestly, though, the thought of that extra weight in my bag makes me want to cry.  Man, I'm tired.  I'm going through a phase of realising/accepting that my heart is making the stupidest little things stupidly hard.  Stupid heart.  I tried to get a couple of days off as annual leave next week but those meanie organ grinders at the subtitling mine (talk about mixed metaphors) wouldn't let me have any of them.  Yawn!  I hope I'm not about to fall apart again :(


  1. I'd love to read The Luminaries but it is so, so big and therefore so, so excluding of all the other books I want to read at the minute. I'm hoping to start Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino this weekend. I think it might be a reread, but if so, was so good I don't mind. I have a book to send you too actually, if you need more excuses not to start yet!

    1. Send away, though I think I am going to bite the bullet and read the Luminaries. I really do want to read it and I'll only be back in this situation again after the next skinny book. Luminaries it is!

    2. PS I read a Natsuo Kirino book once (called Out, I think) but I didn't like it all that much. I've never really loved an out-and-out crime/mystery novel though.


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