Sunday, May 11, 2014

she wants to ride her bicycle

 What a busy weekend we've had.  Recently we bought Dulcie a balance bike (basically a bike with no pedals for little people) but she knew nothing about it until yesterday.  Graham left it at the front door, rang the doorbell and ran away.  Dulcie was very excited to find it and we took it to the park straightaway.
 She's still probably slower than her own walking pace on it, but she's improving already and slowly but surely getting the idea of sitting on the saddle and pushing with her feet.  She's almost starting to get the idea of steering too.  Unfortunately, she thinks her brake is a horn and keeps squeezing it when she has no intention of stopping.
 I just wish we had a garden she could ride it in as getting her and the bike to the park and back was definitely a two-person job and there's not often two of us free at once.  I can't see myself risking getting stranded on my own with her and there's no way I could carry her and the bike home.
Here she is, sitting with her dad while he adjusted the saddle height for her.  She's very chuffed to be just like him and keeps grabbing her bike, telling us she's going to work.  So cute.

It was really nice to have a seminal sort of moment with her this weekend, the perfect birthday treat for me.  She's growing up fast but it makes me very happy, especially now she's happy to admit that she may be a big girl but will always be my baby :)

While we were at the park we also went into the visiting carnival for a look.  Dulcie was too small to go on any of the rides, but we had fun looking at all the lights and watching other kids and parents going green around the gills.  Dulcie wouldn't stop dancing to the hideous music they were playing and gave a very firm "NO!" when Graham asked her if she'd like to go on the scariest looking ride, all most amusing.

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