Friday, May 2, 2014

unseasonably good T-shirt...if I do say so myself!

Mimi & Will, the ethical kids' clothing company who feature my tent design on one of their T-shirts, are now selling via Etsy as well as on their own website.

Image of I Love Puddles by Emma Henderson

This design by Emma Henderson is my favourite, I think.  So cute.

If you're an Etsy type, you should go and check them out.  All the T-shirts come sized for ages two to twelve, so plenty for bigger kids too.

**All images pinched from Mimi and Will**


  1. I was delighted to see your "discount tents" t-shirts on Etsy (while still browsing for something to matcr that elusive "queue"-embroidery that you bought...), and couldn't resist placing an order. Now I can look forward to having the best-dressed children in the neighbourhood this summer :)

    1. I'm one step ahead of you, Hilde! Katy, of Mimi and Will, mentioned there had been an order for my design and that it would be making its way to Norway. I immediately replied, "It wasn't someone called Hilde, was it?"

      I was just thinking today that you are long overdue some mail. I promise to try to put that right soon.

      Thanks again for being my number-one fan ;) Hope you're doing well x


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