Tuesday, May 20, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 2)

25th January 1988
Today I went swimming.  At night I took Kerry to guides I went to see Lynsay.  She was awake.
THE end.

26th January 1988 - Australia day
Today I was busy telling every one that Lyndsey was getting married to Craig E.  I made drew a pot at school.  It is going to have words like smoke coming out of it.  At art I drew a nurse.

27th January 1988
Today Ruthy came and we played on the computer.  I was very good at the war game.  Today I finished my animal lovers book.  It was very good.

28th January 1988
Today I went to school.  Which isn't very strange for a Thursday.  At sewing I made a nurse hat.  It was pretty babyish.  Emma got in such a state when somebody scribbled on it.  I went to browies.

29th January 1988
Today I wrote a letter at school for Mr Clark saying thank you for the farm and the fort.  I went to ballet and tap.  We have to put elastic across our shoes for ballet.

30th January 1988
Today I went to Asda.  When we were going out Kerry and I went to the toilet.  When I dried my hands the towel fell out.  Kerry said quick get out of here.  Watched Octopussy.

31st January 1988
Today it was quite nice.  Tonight I went to hear the Drumblade choir sing.  They were O.K.  I was skipping with Kerry.  Then I played football with her.


  1. OMG! The towel fell out! Get out of here!

    I remember the toilets at the big Asda quite clearly. They were completely tiled in orange (ladies) and bright green (gentlemen) and they were the only toilets I remember as having those roller towel things - total luxury, I always thought. Can't believe you broke one!

    1. I think you'll find I wasn't acting alone. You were the one who encouraged me to flee the scene of the crime!

      Do you think we are the only two people enjoying this new feature? Ha!


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