Tuesday, May 27, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 3)

1st February 1988
Today I went to swimming.  I can dive in now.  I have to be sitting down mind you.  Tonight granny and papa are coming.  There here now.  (The end.)

2nd February 1988
Tonight I had to have an extra practice for tap and ballet.  We had to do half our ballet in the cloakrooms.  Sums at school.

3rd February 1988
Today it was sunny.  Wearing my spotty socks today.  Painted a nurse at school.  Rode my bike in the playground with Julia after school.

4th Februie February 1988
Today is Thursday.  I am wearing blue socks today.  Crisp damp but warm.  At school I played this stupid game.  Boys have to chase girls and give one a kiss.  Then girls do it.

5th February 1988
Today I had tap and ballet exams at quarter to three.  I think I have passed.  I wore my red nose to school.  Toby's fell into his pudding.  I watched comic realief.  Andy Crane in gunk tank. Ha Ha.

6th February 1988
Today I put on some make up then washed it off.  I went down stairs had breakfast and went to Jhon menzies and the library.  Today dad went to Glasgow.

7th February 1988
Today it was snowing so Kerry and I naturally were in the sledge for an hour.  Kerry and I also made up an act.  Percy, mum and dad all came.  We are putting the money to comic realief.

[Percy was my sister's cat.  Look out for his untimely demise later in the year - a sad day but a diary highlight!]

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