Friday, May 16, 2014

heebie-jeebies of the best possible kind

I had a hospital appointment this week, which gave me enough travel/waiting time to really get my teeth into the book I'd been semi-reading for the previous couple of weeks (at an average rate of about a page every two days).  Ooh, it turned out to be a good un, a right old-fashioned ghost story that actually gave me scalp tremors towards the end, and that with the sound of Peppa Pig in my ears and summer sunlight streaming through my windows!  I wish I'd been able to read it in the dark on a stormy night.  Spoooooky.

This slender paperback takes my total number of books read this year up to a semi-respectable ten so far.  I'm now trying to decide what to read next.  My friend gave me a copy of Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries for my birthday and I had been wanting to read it for ages (being a great believer in Booker Prize winners and shortlistees) but the size of it and the tales of its slow complexity are intimidating me.  If I start it now, will I still be reading it come Christmas?  And will I even be able to carry it in my bag, a major consideration since the majority of my reading is done mid-commute these days?  I think I'll decide tomorrow.  It's that or a super-skinny Muriel Spark.  What do you reckon?


  1. I have just finished this - very good and very spooky! I thought this would be a perfect book to keep in my bag (as it's so thin) to read a bit here and there, but I ended up finishing it in 2-3 days. Those descriptions of the lonely house and its inhabitant(s)... Let me know if you come across something similar!

    1. Hi, Hilde :) Not exactly similar, but if you enjoy creepy books you might like Unle Montague's Tales Of Terror. It's supposedly a children's book, but is properly scary. I think I might have blogged about it on Halloween (or thereabouts) last year. Also speedy to read, mind you... Maybe obvious, but have you read The Turn Of The Screw? I'll let you know if I think of anything else.


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