Wednesday, July 29, 2009

everyone's a winner!

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What's the surprise hiding inside this souffle?

There were a measly five entries in the giveaway but all five were not at all measly in their insightfulness and enthusiasm - thank you so much! It was just too tough to choose one winner so I've decided to send each and every one of you a card. I'll get in touch with each of you so you can let me know your mailing address and send them out as soon as possible. Te: I don't know how to contact you so if you check this please let me know your blog address/email.

If you're wishing you'd entered (who knew I'd be so generous, eh?) then the good news/consolation prize is that there's a selection of my recipe cards now on sale over at Miso Funky. You can now also find my Dot and Pat notecards there. Go look!

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