Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mechanics alive (alive-o!)

We went to the best exhibition ever yesterday: Mechanics Alive at Scotland Street School Museum.
The whole place was full of the cleverest mechanical contraptions that moved when you pressed the button on their case. It's amazing how much fun pressing a button can be! Some were super simple (like the guitarist and dancer at the top - one of my favourites) and some were much more complex, like these rowers - the oars, the waves the planes and all the bits underneath all moved.
This horse went round and round and the lady rider jumped over the pole each time she got to it and then landed on the horse's back again. I love the decorations on the base: "No zoo Sunday. Animals' day of rest."
These cancan dancers had the best stripy stockings and their... assets (!) jiggled around when they did their high kicks.
Look! There were loads and loads of them, every single one brilliant!
If you've read this blog before, you'll know I love freebies and this exhibition costs nothing (nothing!) to get into. I think it's on until late September so I will probably try to go again. You should go too!

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