Friday, July 17, 2009

Yee ha!

A few months ago I got this dinky little ceramic cowboy boot in a charity shop for 20p. Graham was not impressed... I've managed to keep it in the living room since but I got the feeling it was living on borrowed time. That's why, tonight, I did a little revamp of the boot giving it a valuable purpose and a reason to stay on or near the fireplace.
Step one: I cut a little bit from the side of a box of safety matches and glued it to the sole of the boot. I also scrunched up a paper hankie and put it in the bottom of the boot so it wasn't quite so deep.
Step two: I put some matches in the boot. Voila! A very 'striking' cowboy boot (hur hur) and no more searching for the matches every time we want to light a candle. Graham is out at work but I hope he'll agree that this boot is now indispensable! Indispensable, I tells ya, pardner! Yee ha!
This picture doesn't exactly belong in this post but I wanted to share this very exotic flower that I snapped on the way home from the charity shops yesterday. Despite having a bus ticket already, we decided to walk home from the south side. This took over two hours and I was wearing sandals... Stumbling across this flower nearly (but not quite) makes the sore feet and tired legs worth it. What were we thinking?


  1. What a fabulous boot :) And even better now that it has a use although some treasures should just be looked at!

  2. I agree and could have looked at this boot all day every day, purpose or not, but Graham definitely couldn't! I kept expecting to come home and find it mysteriously gone or smashed, probably blamed on the cats. It looks like its new purpose has given it a stay of execution. Hurrah!


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