Saturday, July 4, 2009

word drill

I got this sweet looking book for 20p at the Inchinnan fete book stall a few weeks ago but hadn't got round to photographing it until today.
It's a bit wavy and bendy but I'm hoping it will flatten eventually. The two images above are from the cover. It's a school phonics book and was used in 1962 by Maureen Mitchell and in 1963 by Neal McHoull. Their names are written inside.
Most of the pages have pictures like these. I love them!
If you're very good I might post an old picture of me in my Brownie uniform!
I love two colour printing! I have some other lovely two colour books I might share here at some point. I wanted my hulder print to have this sort of look and I think it does. Go me!
This is one of the best pages - I love the hare, the whale, the name and the inch-tape. Four top scorers on one page!
Here's the cover in full. Made in Glasgow as you can see.

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