Friday, July 3, 2009

thunderbolts and lightning

I took these photos of Lola yesterday. She is a very hairy cat and has not been coping well with the muggy heat at all, despite shedding hair furiously. Our whole flat is covered in fluff clumps like the one in the bottom right of this photo. She's taken to sleeping on her back with her sizable belly exposed but can't quite relax and wakes with a start whenever anybody moves.
Aw, just look at that face and her peachy little chin :) I love her!

She doesn't seem to be liking the thunder and lightning much better (she's looking a bit anxious) but I'm sure the cool air it's bringing will be a sweet relief to her. Poppy the heat seeking missile, meanwhile, looks ready to go into hibernation and is seeking out cosy corners to huddle in. Sometimes I can hardly believe they are sisters.

Oh well, better get back to the hoover or is it dangerous to hoover during a thunder storm...?


  1. Don't hoover in a thunder storm and if you ever get the urge to pick up the hoover then remember that there might be a thunderstorm coming :) Works for me anyway!

  2. Thanks for the advice - just the sort I like to receive! I ironed during the thunder today and my clothes went all static and started moving on their own! Now's probably a good time to say, don't try that at home... Ironing in general, I mean! :)


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