Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more gocco goodies

I haven't been receiving any mail recently, not even junk mail, and it has made me very suspicious especially as a card I ordered from etsy got lost in the post and made me want to cry. Fortunately the card was from Gemma Correll (who I posted about once before) who turns out to be super lovely and who sent me a replacement card straight away (you're ace, Gemma!) and this time it made it! Hooray! It's going to be added to my wall of many wonders once I've been on a quick frame shopping trip to Ikea.

Coincidentally, I got more red gocco goodies from the gocco swap today too. They're from Australian Angie who has a blog called three red buttons here.
I love the strawberry gift tags. I'm currently trying to save a beautiful strawberry plant that one of the girls in my class gave me as a leaving present. It has been suffering the consequences of my thoroughly black gardening fingers... I might attach one of these to its pot to give it something to aim for!
Here's my initial in semaphore, part of...
... this bigger print. I love it! I've always had a soft spot for semaphore diagrams and even tried to learn it (and managed for a while but have long since forgotten it) when I was in the girl guides. Graham and I are trying to get rid of the bellies we've redeveloped this year so I might hang this somewhere in the kitchen. I know that's not what she meant by consume less but it works for me! Or maybe I should keep it near the computer as I have been buying A LOT of stuff (some very exciting, mind you) on the internet lately. Please deliver it all, Mr Postman!

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