Sunday, July 19, 2009

Got to start sharing those charity shop finds...

I keep buying things in charity shops and not getting round to photographing them, partly because I HATE taking photos of objects and my flat doesn't have the most or the best light. Today I tackled a lot of tricky photo jobs (more details on that mysteriousness later...) so I pushed myself to do one more and photographed these bookends. I got them in a charity shop in Elgin last week and I think they're very nice. However, they are destined for a life in the craft room where my eyes only will see them... Oh well, we can't all have taste as wonderful as mine. Hee! I've bought a lot of bargainous things in charity shops over the last few months and it's starting to stress me out as I haven't found homes for everything yet and the clutter of my life (i.e. home) is starting to clutter my mind. The mess is hampering my productivity, I swear! Books should be easy to put away but I think I actually need another (another!) bookshelf. Sigh...

I'm aware this blog seems a bit quiet on the crafty front these days but I have actually been quite productive. It's all part of a bigger (small) project and I want to do a drumroll and an announcement rather than give the game away in dribs and drabs. I'm hoping I'll be ready to reveal all soon and I'm planning a mini giveaway (I do mean mini but that doesn't mean it won't be good!) to coincide with or lead up to it... I thought I'd be ready about a fortnight ago but I keep getting distracted by fun days out and evenings in. Must work harder... That said, I think I'm skiving off to Helensburgh (including its charity shops... they're sucking me in...) tomorrow. Yippee!

p.s. My ice cream van gocco prints and cards are now on sale over at Miso Funky in case you're interested :)

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