Friday, February 25, 2011

cats in hats float my boat

I'm a bit fed up of having to go to work this week and am still convinced my destiny is as a lady of leisure, but my job does certainly have its upsides. Last night I was asked to work on The Brittas Empire (it helps that someone who reads my blog now and again has been promoted to the role of assigning work) so finally got to see an episode right to the end. Hurrah! I also noticed a while back, after a tortuous few hours of tidying up very messy subtitles for Hill Street Blues, that the kitten at the end wears a tiny police hat. Cute, huh?

Got to do a wee bit of DIY before work tonight so I'd better gets a-going, but I have the weekend off (yas!) and a fun wee giveaway to plot, so keep your peepers peeled for that next week.

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