Friday, February 11, 2011

no use crying over runny eggs

Waaa! Oh so tired tonight. I've been on the back foot all day. I should have left for work at 9.30am, but didn't even wake up until 9.34! Amazingly, I still managed to get to work on time (I am not even sure how) but I felt in a bit of a manky daze for the full 10 hours of my shift. Now "Waaa!" is about the only expression my brain can muster and my best-laid plans of post-work productivity have gone down the pan.

Apologies for the lack of photographs around these parts lately. What would I do without flickr? I've lost my camera charger and my battery is flat as a pancake. I'm sure it will turn up, but in the meantime, I thought I could at least use one of my own pictures for once and this one seemed to sum up the "Waaaa!" in my head better than anything else.

I did not enjoy much about teacher training, but I did REALLY enjoy the art classes that I took for my optional course. This was one of the things I made (a project designed for six year olds) and I do love her. I added the fried egg when I got home for no particular reason.

I think my craftathon 2011 plan was a hankering for the pottering nature of those types of art classes - where you dabble in a different thing each week and complete a mini project for each skill. Well, maybe "skill" is a bit strong. I still haven't ticked a single thing off the craftathon 2011 list yet though and time is a-ticking! Come Monday, we will be an eighth of the way through the year - yikes! Any millionaires reading this who want to pay me a full salary for pottering in my craft room till the end of the year?

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