Monday, February 21, 2011

might as well face it, you're addicted to...


Yes, yes, I am officially addicted to animating things unnecessarily. I will try to keep it to a minimum (don't want to have to add a flashing images warning to my blog!) but please humour me for the moment. I'm hoping I might actually come up with something good eventually. I do have a few fun ideas brewing, but I'll try to wait until my first two creations are off bumped off the front page here before I assault your eyeballs with any more.

That said, this little windmill of pretty fabrics is giving me great delight. I think my creation of it was what prompted me to finally list refill pinwheel brooch squares in my etsy shop. They've been packaged up and ready to go for ages, but I wanted an excuse to add a spinning extravaganza of an advert here, so I stayed up late tonight and finally listed them. If you are as addicted to pinwheel brooch making as I am to lo-fi animation, you can now buy a pack of three ready-cut felt-backed fabric squares so that you can make more. Hooray!

I've got a couple more things to add to the shop this week including the new thing I've been so excited and harping on about. I haven't been keeping you in suspense on purpose. I had a few problems with supplies (thanks again, Royal Mail!) and then I took some in to Made In The Shade to see if they wanted a few, but they said they wanted them all, so I was sold out before I even had a chance to share them. I've been making more today though, so I will divulge all soon. Don't go getting your hopes up now... but I still am :)

Right, better go to bed. All these flashing images are giving me a headache and I think my new contact lenses have welded themselves to my eyeballs... Good night.

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