Wednesday, February 9, 2011

to swim or not to swim...

Vintage Fashion
Bare Back Swim Suit by Howell Conant, 1967
Originally uploaded by Lee Sutton

That is the question. Did you know this is what I look like in my swimming suit? Oh, yes, I do.

I couldn't get to sleep after my late shift last night, despite sitting in bed drinking yummy whisky and reading a good book (that was fun) so I slept in this morning when I should have been at the pool. Now that I have slept away most of the morning, do I want to use up the best part of my only day off by going swimming? Hmmm. I could stay at home and craft, but then I'd also have to tackle the big pile of dishes and do some diy in the bathroom... Swimming here I come! I'd do anything to get out of housework :)

Later... It turned out the dirty dishes and half-finished bathroom were still there when I got back from the pool (what an oversight!) plus I had revealed myself as a self-confessed bona fide shirker through this blog post. Oops! I've already been made (I use the term "made" very loosely here!) to hang up some washing and sand a wall. Sanding = sore and bleeding hands not fit for making :( Still, right now I'm sitting on the sofa and typing this while Graham hoovers every inch of the flat, so looks like my shirking days are not quite over yet. Mwuhahahahaha!

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