Saturday, February 12, 2011

getting ready to say goodbye to ethel... again!

As of today, I am down to my VERY LAST EVER Ethel (and her little Willy) lavender bag. All the Dots and Pats are long gone. Sniffle. I still have a couple of lonely Franks to keep me going, but I will be sad to bid adieu to the last Ethel when it finally happens. She and the last few Frank lavenders are available here.

I wonder when all my EastEnders gubbins will be gone for good. Not for a while, I reckon, especially as I still have some products never even listed in my shop! I made really cute little EastEnders badge kits to sell at markets, but I haven't done any markets in forever either so I guess I should try to sell them via etsy instead.

I have an EastEnders confession to make actually and it may shock you so brace yourself. I haven't watched it at all this year. I know! I kept falling behind and then the whole cot death thing on new year's eve really dampened my new year spirits (that I had worked really hard to raise all day) so I just stopped watching. It wasn't exactly a conscious decision and I don't object to their recent story lines. I just wasn't in the mood to watch any more. See, I told you it was shocking! I predict I'll be an avid viewer again before 2011 is out though, so don't panic or start thinking I have been replaced by an impostor.

In other EastEnders related news, I sold some EastEnders notecards to someone in America this week. She was so excited to find them, partly because they are only on 2003's episodes where she is, so my favourite characters are all pretty relevant still. I was a bit jealous that she had 8 years of good stuff to watch before it all went pear-shaped! Has it got any better recently? I don't think I can watch it until the baby swap has been discovered and forgotten about or until they bring Stacey back, but any great comedy stories or Dot getting tipsy could sway me. Go on, persuade me, please! I do kind of miss it...

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