Sunday, February 13, 2011

c'est fab!

I found my camera charger - hooray! I had forgotten to unpack it from the bag I had at my mum and dad's over Christmas. Thank goodness I realised I hadn't seen it since then or I might not have found it until I next went away somewhere. When I was about ten I went on a school trip for a week. The day we arrived we had to unpack and put our empty bags/cases into a big cupboard out of the way. Once I had put everything away in my drawer, I realised I must have forgotten to pack any pants (oh no!) and had to confess red-faced to my teacher who told me I would just have to wash the pants I was wearing in the sink every night and leave them to dry on the radiator for the next day. This was all very embarrassing for me :( On the last day of the trip, we all got our empty bags and cases back to pack up. There, in my bag, were five pairs of clean pants. Looks like I haven't changed so much since those days!
Today I met my friend Bernie and her youngest son (my godson) Rudi for lunch. On the way home, Rudi went to visit his granny and Bernie and I went round a few charity/vintage shops. Looks like we had all the luck today as we both picked up some lovely goodies. I got this great dress for a wee bargain price in a vintage shop. I'm excited to wear it with my new glasses, rocking the sexy secretary look. Oh, yes!
This magazine rack was too good to resist. I predicted a life in my craft room for it, but when I got it home Graham said he liked it. That was shortly followed by, "Except for the floral fabric." Well, that is what I like best about it, so it may be destined for a life in the craft room yet! It does look very lovely in our living room though and ties in with the mustard light/fireplace/typewriter perfectly... Apologies for all the wires in the background. Graham has turned the living room into a recording studio today and is busy making sweet music with various instruments and recording gadgets.
I also treated myself to this record. I kept seeing it in the window of Oxfam in the evenings when the shop was closed. Every time I went past I expected it to be gone, so I told myself that if it was still there today that it would be mine. I'm so glad it was. C'est fab!


  1. LOVE the dress and that magazine rack is just fabulous. The fabric is what makes it!

  2. You are so right about the magazine rack, Lynsey. I still have it in the living room for now. I think I will have to put all Graham's Sight & Sound magazines in it so that he starts thinking it is indispensable. So sneaky...


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