Tuesday, February 8, 2011

family circle gifts to make

Family Circle Gifts To Make
Family Circle (London) 1967

"Toys your children will adore.
Exciting home ideas to copy.
Gay accessories for you and the family."
Thought it was about time I shared another exciting title from my vintage craft book collection. This was quite a good test for my scanner and I think we can safely say...it failed! Not because the images look bad, but because it took me all day to scan the bleedin' things and I'm still short of a few pictures I wanted to include because it kept crashing. Now I'm actually having to type this in my lunch break (can you still call it a lunch break when it's nearly 9pm?) at work. I hate you, new printer/scanner! The Copydex bottle above is just from an advert inside the cover and I thought it was cute. Copydex can apparently be used in every single one of the projects in this book and they didn't mention the fishy smell once. Here's a little montage of some of the interiors feeatured in the book. I think the one on the right is kind of how I want my living room to look. I actually made one of the pictures from the nursery wall panel once. The picture on the left is to illustrate the paper lampshade projects. The other lampshade (for which there is no picture and only a diagram) actually looks like it would be really nice. I might try it one day.
Although the book focuses quite heavily on toys and gifts for children (not pictured here so you will have to take my word for it) it is also full of rather snazzy ladies. Here's another montage of some of the snazziest. I'm sure I've seen the lady in the orange towelling jacket somewhere before...
This woman is not doing a good job of looking like a convincing mother to that little girl, but she is doing a good job of complementing the background with her skin tone and hair colour.
The other side of apron wearing. Seems like you're guaranteed to look cool in any apron from this book.
These little arrangements of crafty materials are peppered throughout the book and I really like them. I might do something with a couple, like transform into a print or collage or embroidery? I really do have to get cracking with craftathon 2011 after all!
Here's another, slightly more macho this time. Could that be a tub of Copydex we spy?
This one is super-arty, especially the spiralling tower made out of the tape measure. I like it.
And I saved the best (or worst?) for last. This, er, woolly creation appears on the very first page of the book with absolutely no explanation. Modern craft books just aren't crazy enough for my liking!

Phew! That was a bit of a whistle-stop tour, but TV won't subtitle itself and my break is almost over. Hopefully the scanner will start behaving itself so I can share another craft book with you soon.

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