Friday, April 5, 2013

day out in dunkeld

Graham was off again on Wednesday, so he, Dulcie and I took the train to Dunkeld for the day.  Quite a few of the nice shops were closed for Easter week and some other places were impossible to get into with the pram in tow, but we still had such a nice day.  The sun was shining again and it was so nice to be by the river and surrounded by beautiful scenery.  We had lunch in a nice wee pub (I had my first full pint of beer in around two years!) and visited a few antique and charity shops where Dulcie was very excited to make friends with a dog, who she miaowed at.  Seems like everything is a cat to her these days, especially if it's black and white.  We spent a long while playing at the riverside play park, much to Dulcie's delight, and walked around the cathedral.  Then we headed over the bridge to Birnam for coffee and cake before getting the train back home again.  A lovely day out.
Getting to spend a few days with Graham and getting to do actual things/go on actual outings (things I can't really manage with the pram on my own) did me the world of good, I think.  I felt my brain actually clunk into a different (more positive) gear or something.  I NEED to find a way for us to be able to spend real time together more often, but how?  I think I'll start by buying a euromillions ticket tonight.

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