Tuesday, April 2, 2013

walking in the sun

We took advantage of the sunshine (still freezing, mind) and the bank holiday yesterday and took Dulcie to Pollok Park to visit the Highland cows.  They were far enough from the fence for Dulcie to mistake them for cats (what is it with this girl and cats?!) but she did get a good close look at some of the Clydesdale horses and, as you can see, enjoyed the freedom of being able to toddle around in the sunshine.  Many sticks and leaves were collected (and surreptitiously thrown away again) until her hands were black and her heart was full.  We had such a nice day - a very rare treat to be out as a threesome.  I can't wait until Dulcie's nursery place starts so I can change my shifts and start spending some time with my little family again.  Only six (long) months to go...

Talking of work, I went back last night.  I was relieved to see a designated first-aider was on shift but ended up not needing their resuscitation skills.  Naturally.

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