Wednesday, April 3, 2013

jaconelli's, baby!

Yesterday's Easter holiday outing was to Jaconelli's cafe in Maryhill.  It was Dulcie's first trip here ex utero (if that is the right expression).  Last time we went to Jaconelli's I remember I had terrible morning sickness and didn't enjoy my fried egg, chips and beans nearly so much as I did yesterday!  Jaconelli's is a beautiful old cafe with lots of original/old features.  They even have a picture of a knickerbocker glory and a smoking fag in an ashtray etched on the door.  You can see quite a good picture of the interior here, should you want to.   Once we'd finished our not-too-healthy lunches and four-finger Kit Kats, we got a quarter of soor plooms on the way out.  Mmmmm, delicious!  Jaconelli's is always quite a bustling little place and Dulcie had a great time watching all the people coming and going.  She was particularly impressed by the big old coffee machine, shouting, "Tea! Tea!" when she heard it start up.  This is what she always shouts when Graham makes coffee in his own machine at home.  It's a weird coincidence really, rather than a hot drink confusion.  We never really drink tea in our house any more, so it's not that she can't tell the difference, it's just that she hasn't mastered saying "coffee" yet and "tea" is the closest she can get.


  1. Such a cheeky photo of Dulcie and I love the outdoor and modelling shots. She's such a versatile baby! xx

    1. Yeah, we can take her anywhere! I can't really take credit for this photo as your brother took it! There should be more pictures to come shortly. She is in the world's cutest outfit today and I'm determined to get a good shot before the day is out...


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