Monday, April 22, 2013

what I wore today

 It's not often that I would feel the urge to blog about what I was wearing, much less to post photos, but today was the first time I had worn this lovely vintage handmade dress.  My sister sent it to me just after Dulcie was born, saying I could use it as fabric to be chopped up if I didn't like it as a dress.  To be honest, I thought that was its destiny as it seemed too big and sack-like on me then.  I don't know whether it shrank in the wash or whether I've put on just the right amount of weight since then, but when I tried it on this morning (in desperation as my staple jeans were in the wash) it fitted me rather nicely.  If anything it was a wee bit tight on the bust, which is possibly why I lost a button just as I was about to leave for work.  I'm now at work with my cardigan buttoned right up, not having had the time to change or reattach the button.  The downside of this dress is that it leaves my scar very exposed.  I'm still in two minds about all that, swithering between keeping it hidden and flaunting it.  The buttoned-up cardigan sorts out that problem too, though, so I am managing to maintain my appearance/disguise of normality at work tonight :)
 Since these photos are so blurry (taken one-handed with my phone while running around after Dulcie) I thought I should share a close-up of the fabric itself.  Apples!  It's very pretty, if a little loose-weave for my liking.  That does give it a nice hang though, which is good since the skirt is quite long - just below knee length.
As you can see, Dulcie and I were very colour co-ordinated today in our red and navy outfits.  What a team!

My day looking after Dulcie on my own went really well. She was in helpful mode - putting her own nappies in the bin and putting washing in the machine etc.  My mother trained her well!  I didn't manage to stay in all day since I discovered we were running short on nappies and wipes at about midday, but I managed a wee jaunt to the shops fine, albeit with many breaks along the way to catch my breath.  Dulcie didn't mind as it gave her a chance to touch plenty of leaves - her latest obsession - and watch the pigeons doing their mating dance.  We did have a spell of ear-splitting screaming as my trying to get dinner ready pre-work coincided with her feeling sad and wanting to be attached to me, but overall, it went much better than expected.  It was impossible to manage the getting in and out of the pram one-handed, but I just tried to take the majority of her weight on my good arm and hoped for the best.  I am only a few days away from being allowed to use/move my left arm freely, so it probably is OK now anyway.

Talking of handmade clothes (I was back there at the top of this post!) I'm looking forward to the final of The Great British Sewing Bee tomorrow.  I was very sceptical when I first saw trailers for the series, but I've really enjoyed it.  It's also got me more determined than ever to try sewing some clothes.  I'm starting with a dress and romper suit for Dulcie before, hopefully, moving onto something for myself.  My vague goal is to get Dulcie's things made for this summer, but I'm already thinking next summer might be more realistic.  We shall see.  I'm hoping the BBC will make another series of The Great British Sewing Bee and that they'll let it run a bit longer than four episodes next time around.  I hope my dressmaking enthusiasm/confidence doesn't begin to wane once series one is over.  I'm not sure who I'm rooting for to win.  I'm torn between Anne (the very old one) and Lauren (the very young one).


  1. Very pretty dress!

    Apparently there will be another series of the GBSB, I've seen a call out somewhere on the internet for people to apply. I too am torn between Anne & Lauren, I shall be on the edge of my seat tonight!

    1. I know! I keep thinking I want Lauren to win (she is so pretty and smiley but with big fat tears at times) but then I remember Anne's yogic dignity and how she's been working for this for 80 years... Edge of our seats indeed! Hope you enjoy :)

  2. That dress is gorgeous :) I haven't seen any of the GBSB yet (hangs head in shame) but I will catch up at some stage!

    1. Hey, you've probably been busy sewing while the rest of us just watch other people sewing on the telly! :)


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